Mass Conciousness

Throughout history, the psychological anomily of mass conciousness has had an incredible impact on how the world has fuctioned on an international scale. Before one can discover the diverse and fascinating history of mass conciousness, however, one must first understand exactly what mass conciousness is. Essentially, mass conciousness in the collective and unanimous belief of a group of people upon a specific subject. Simply put, it is a belief that the vast majority of a population possess. For example, the aftermath of the fairly recent death of Michael Jackson. Before he died, he had th status of a washed-up eighties pop singer, due to his many controversial public appearances, his lack of recent or good music, and his trial in court. After he passed away, however, the public was sent into an uproar of sadness and sorrow because of his death. This included children as young as nine and ten, who were not alive during Michael Jackson’s prime, and had likely not heard very much of his music.  This aftermath is a prime example of mass conciousness, though a relatively harmless one. A second example of mass conciousness is not nearly so harmless, as it lead to one of the greatest power struggles history has ever seen. This is the rise of Adolf Hitler before the Second World War. Germany was in a time of economical despair, and was desperately searching for a way out. Due to Hitler’s incredible speaking abilities and fascinating public persona, he was able to create a mass conciousness throughout Germany that he was by far the best leader that the country could have at the time. This, of course, lead to the outbreak of World War Two and Hitler’s infamous reign of terror. As one can see, mass conciousness can have both beneficial or devastating effects on society as a whole.

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